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My Interview with Robert Morris: Part I

Robert Morris is the number one reviewer of business books for A few weeks ago he posted a great review of Hunting in a Farmer’s World, and asked if he could interview me. Bob’s questions were really fun, and the interview … Continue reading

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The Value of a Cleared Mind

Last weekend I missed my first weekly post in about two years. I was in Los Angeles, attending an intensive workshop for professional speakers. It was a life-resetting experience. Apologies in advance for the zillion hyperlinks, but they are all richly … Continue reading

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Would You Like that With or Without Service?

In the 1980’s, when Boomers dug into their career paths and started hiring other Boomers to do things for them, the United States became a service economy. Driven by their ambition for material success, Boomers opened millions of new businesses to provide … Continue reading

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Tell Me What I Want to Hear

Those of us who are Hunters tend to be in a hurry. Hunters are linear; we move from objective to objective in as close to a straight line (allowing for our ADD “squirrels”) as we can. The completion of any … Continue reading

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A New Game Theory – Stop Playing!

I am not a Gamer, as the term is currently used. I tried my hand at Pong on my home TV, and at PacMan in the arcades, but quickly lost interest. Text based strategy software, role-play and first-person shooters never had … Continue reading

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