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Productivity Declines: Does it matter?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, as reported by Bloomberg, employee productivity dropped last quarter at a 2% annual rate. The common wisdom is that we have pushed an overstretched workforce as far as we can, but there could … Continue reading

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Computer Technology: Curse You, Bill Gates!

Every business is held in thrall to its computer technology. In most white-collar environments a computer crash comes with the added expense of employees sitting dumbly at their stations, unable to function. When a function of our business becomes a core … Continue reading

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Is Distribution Dead?

It’s difficult to talk to any owner of a small distribution business without hearing complaints about competition from the Internet. Their criticisms are pretty universal, regardless of the goods being distributed. “Customers call with prices they claim to have found … Continue reading

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Being Brave in a Brave New World

In the first three posts in this series I’ve outlined a number of reasons why the American economy is unlikely to grow in the next few years. All of my reasons are factual. The numbers don’t lie, and these numbers can’t be … Continue reading

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The Catch 22 of IT management

Are you big enough for an “in-house” IT professional? With the rising cost of service by outside firms, many smaller businesses are trying to hire someone to take care of their technology needs. Of course, many small businesses are still … Continue reading

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