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Smart Metrics and Dumb Metrics

“We doubled our profit over this month last year!” When I visit a coaching client, that’s a pretty exciting opener. Of course I want to know how and why. Too often the answer is “Well, last year this month had three … Continue reading

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The Luxury of No Resources

Among the Baby Boomer business owners who are beginning to plan their retirement, there are millions who founded the companies they plan to sell. Many of these were technicians when they started. They began as employees, and then used their … Continue reading

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Key Man Policies May Not Cover a Buy/Sell Agreement

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a number of conversations with clients about key man insurance. Let me say at the outset that I don’t sell insurance, and have no financial stake in whether any client has coverage or … Continue reading

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“Tis an Ill Wind…

…that blows nobody good.” That old sailor’s proverb, first recorded in 1543 and further popularized by Shakespeare in “Henry VI” in 1623, is as plain today in its meaning as it was almost 500 years ago. Anything that is bad … Continue reading

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Wageflation and the Talent Wars

Why are so many employers complaining about the availability of talented workers and the cost of hiring them? Government statistics indicate that real, inflation-adjusted wages are now below 1986 levels. In 2012, the Federal Reserve tracked both an all time … Continue reading

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