Enjoy: Life After

The purpose of exit planning is to… EXIT! Discussions of the ways people enjoy their post-ownership lives (or don’t). We include real-life stories shared by other business owners.

Lifestyle vs. Legacy - Part 1

There are three types of business owners. The first, which encompasses the vast majority of small businesses, is the one who simply wants to make a living from running his or her business. They dream of the day that they …
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Hunters and Farmers

Several times monthly, I interview entrepreneurs who are considering membership in The Alternative Board® as a means to improve their business. Part of the process is asking each one what his or her core skills are – the things that …
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A Goal isn't a Finish Line

I was going over some productivity numbers with a long term client. “Remember when our goal for this was 2000 man hours?” he said. “Now we are below 1200, and closing in on 1100, and with greater volume!” Everywhere we …
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