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Business isn’t Zero Sum

In any negotiation, you can assume a win-win solution or a zero sum outcome. “Win-win” is defined as when both parties come out ahead or achieve what they seek. “Zero sum” is when the premise behind negotiation is that whatever one … Continue reading

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One Response to Business isn’t Zero Sum

  1. Mike Wright says:

    Very good points. Unfortunately we have become very short term and self centered thinkers. Those with the greatest economic or political power will do what is necessary to gain and retain their control. This creates sub-optimal binary states that we fluctuate between rather than making long term gains for all.

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An Independent Look at the Election

The biggest disappointment of last Tuesday’s election, as I opined in an article by the San Antonio Express News, is that on Wednesday the national political landscape still looked a lot like it did on Monday. I tried to write … Continue reading

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2 Responses to An Independent Look at the Election

  1. Jim Marshall says:

    In Wisconsin and many other states the GOP got re-elected partially because of the redistricting (read “gerrymandering”) they did. The Dems would have done the same to their benefit if they had been in power.
    I think another factor affecting both parties in the state (local) elections is the familiarity the public has with their incumbants. In some cases its “even though he/she votes the party line” they are “nice guys”. In others it’s “the devil we know is probably better than the devil we haven’t gotten to know”.
    I think the concusion I have reached from the above and from what you have written and the obvious power of the corporations and their lobbyists (as well as labor and its lobbyists) is that we live in an ungovernable country. I hope your conclusion (election of courageous statesmen and women, comes to pass….but with the cost of campaigns and the need to depend on large donors remains and grows….I don’t know how that will happen. Or whether a public that thinks only in black and whites would accept them
    Cleo and I just returned from a European trip including Greece. People we talked with referred to the disenchanted students and others being satisfied for the present with expressing themselves through graffiti and mostly peacful demonstrations against their incompetent and corrupt government officals. They fear for when that will not be enough.
    Here at home I fear for the same, as the gap between the haves and have nots grows so fast and far…and the feeling of helplessness and frustration grows among just about everyone.
    So, Mrs. Lincoln, other than the shotting….how was the play?

  2. Bill Seelig says:

    Unfortunately, “neither” party dared take on the banks, the large corporate givers and the unions; those that sponsor most electiced officials for their own gain. While those outside this inbred system are beginning to be heard, it will take a monumental effort to successfully challenge the current way of doing business and return to a heathly, more balanced approach to our economy and the people they serve.

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Politically Speaking: Do Small Business Owners Have a Voice?

The political parties have completed their prime-time convention pageantry, and are buckling down for the 60 day dash to the election. Both profess to be focused on the”little guy,” the middle class backbone of America. One party says that you … Continue reading

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Credibility in the Lobby

I typically visit over a dozen businesses a week. Only a few have media articles about themselves in the lobby. When I ask the others, they typically answer “Oh sure. We were written up a few years ago. I have … Continue reading

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