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Computer Technology: Curse You, Bill Gates!

Every business is held in thrall to its computer technology. In most white-collar environments a computer crash comes with the added expense of employees sitting dumbly at their stations, unable to function. When a function of our business becomes a core … Continue reading

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3 Responses to Computer Technology: Curse You, Bill Gates!

  1. Chris White says:

    Your rant shows the importance of the move to “the cloud” which, if it delivers on its promises, will make the laptop or desktop about as important as a telephone…simply a means of establishing a link to your software programs, your files, etc.

    Once everyone is in “the cloud” all we have to worry about is just exactly who is this new “big brother” that we have invited into our businesses, our homes and our innermost thoughts?

  2. Computers, Internet & Technology = Enabling faster decision making and faster errors in today’s need it now marketplace.

  3. Zbig Skiba says:

    I took Fortran when I was in college. I would submit my card deck to the people who ran the mainframe computer, and if I was lucky would get the results in 4 hours. Generally, the results indicated that I had missed a period and I had to do it all over again. So I think that we’ve made some progress since those days in the ’70’s.

    That said, I agree that more effort should be spent on stability and ease of use and less on adding gee whiz features. I currently have a color printer that gives me an error message that is meaningless and refuses to be fixed. So it’s a piece of junk — it shouldn’t be that way.

    Cars have had 100 years to get better. My first car was a 1971 Toyota Corolla that had burned through its engine valves at 28,000 miles and had rusted through the fenders before it was 2 years old — when I disposed of it by totaling it and luckily not myself. So now we pay 5 times more for a superior product that lasts 5 times longer. Computer prices have actually gone down, and the product is far superior to what it used to be. That said, more work to be done.

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